These awards are a continuation of the awards given out by Wil "Death Lord" Schock at Deathfest and Haunt X in 2002 through 2006. They were originally called the Golden Bucky awards and then changed to the Haunt X awards in 2005. The awards are based on the DVD set compiled and distributed by Paul "Propmaster" Venturella and were awarded in the four categories of Yard Haunt, Home Haunt, Party Haunt, and Novice Haunt with a finalist and a runner up given a trophy. There was even a Haunt Enthusiast of the year awarded.

When Haunt X did not return for a third season in 2007 the awards were continued by several enthusiastic home haunters. The award categories stayed the same and were voted on by people who purchased the DVD set. This is the last time the trophies designed by Ghost Ride Production for Haunt X were used.

Since the 10th anniversary of the DVD set in 2008 the awards have been given a more appropriate title of Haunters Video Awards. The videos are judged by a panel of previous winners and a winner and finalist in each category is selected. The awards are now the large and small Skull trophies from Ghost Ride Productions. In 2008, to replace the Haunt Enthusiast of the year award, a new category was created called the Propmaster Award. The award is given to an individual that contributes to the home haunter community. This award is named after Paul "Propmaster" Venturella, its first recipient.

Starting in 2009 the "Vanguard" category was created to separate seasoned or previous winning haunts from the standard categories. This opens up the categories to newer haunters. And to recognize more haunters, the awards were expanded to include: Best Static Prop, Best Animated Prop, Best Video production and Best How-to. The finalist or runners up awards were discontinued.

In 2013 new trophies were designed by Stacy Fitz of Necrotic Creations.

The goal of this site and the people who support it is to provide consistent awards for the Haunters Video DVD set each year.